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Tips And Tricks For Giving A Bomb BJ

Tips And Tricks For Giving A Bomb BJ

Give a great blowjob with these tips and tricks for head! Oral sex is a vital part of a healthy sex life. It’s more than just foreplay or something to do when penetrative sex is, for whatever the reason, out of the equation. Head is one of the most stimulating sexual experiences a person can experience, regardless of gender. Most women will agree that receiving oral sex feels amazing. For some, it may be the key to climaxing and is performed every time.

Blowjobs can be pleasurable for both parties! Giving head creates a certain feeling of power. Like being on top, giving a blowjob gives you complete control. Have your man sit back, relax, and watching you take the reins. Here’s how to drive him crazy (and enjoy yourself while you’re at it).

How To Give A Bomb Blowjob. Think of it as an elevated handjob. Most of us are comfortable with handjobs, so thinking of a blowjob as a combination is a great way to start. Using your hands in addition to your mouth makes things easier for you and more interesting for him, as he’ll experience double the sensation. For example, you can suck on or lick the head while using your hands to gently stroke the shaft. You can also create a double-squeezing effect by placing your fingers just underneath your lips while wrapping both around the shaft in an O shape. The best blowjobs use every tool available - for a pleasurable twist, apply a warming and cooling lipgloss, like the Exsens Play Strawberry, inviting immediate sensation wherever your lips may wander.. 

Focus on different areas. Just like during penetrative sex, routinely switching things up creates excitement. Blowjobs are so much more than just going up and down the shaft. Take turns giving all parts of the penis attention: the shaft, the head, and the balls. Keep in mind that the head and the balls are the most sensitive parts of the penis. You can think of them as the male version of a clitoris: providing stimulation is very effective but you want to do it strategically. For added sensation, try using the Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm.

Use different speeds and pressures. Again, just like during penetrative sex mixing the tempo will keep him on his toes. Start slow and gentle before progressing into a higher speed, and then surprise him by going slow again. One thing that is different from penetrative sex is the pressure. Make sure you’re never sucking or squeezing too hard. Rough sex generally doesn’t include the actual genitals, so be careful in that area (and mind your teeth). If you're open to using toys, consider an open-ended stroker. The Fun Factory Manta is the perfect way to stimulate your partner while you tempt and tease with your lips! 

Use your tongue to your advantage. Blowjobs aren’t just about using your lips. The tongue feels just as amazing on the penis as it does on the vagina. Use your tongue to trace circles around the ultra-sensitive head, on the balls, or just to lick the shaft. When it comes to blowjobs you can go wild with your tongue. A fun trick is to use your tongue to write words on his package; it will feel amazing for him and be a special secret for you. Do a few tongue flicks when you really want to drive him wild, and consider incorporating BJ Blast Candies! The fizzy sensation and fruity flavours are sure to please you both.

Only go as deep as you can manage. It’s true that most men enjoy a deep throat, but don’t push it if you can’t handle it. Going in deep doesn’t even have to be a big part of your blowjob. As we already mentioned, a great blowjob has variety so you really don’t have to make it your main focus. Still, if you’re determined to master the deep throat you can practice and train yourself beforehand on food items like popsicles. Keep your blowjob nice and wet with the Slow Sex Mouthwatering Spray! Did somebody say sloppy?!

Enjoy it! He’ll enjoy it more when he knows you’re enthusiastic to give head. If you weren’t always a fan of blowjobs just think about how much pleasure you’ll be giving him, and how sexy you’ll look in his eyes (men love the visuals as well as the physical stimulation). Show him you’re into it by giving eye contact and a sultry smile every once in a while or using a bit of dirty talk to tell him how excited you are. Don’t be afraid to ask him what he likes during your blowjob, and remember it goes both ways. Head pushers, we’re talking about you.

Practice makes perfect! It might take a few rounds for you to nail all of these tips and tricks, but once you do you’ll be a BJ master.


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