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How do I care for my Toys?

We highly suggest using a toy cleaner, which is specially designed to clean toys safely. The Wicked Toy Cleaner and the Jo Foam Cleaner are two great safe options! You can also use mild fragrance-free soap and warm water. Please check your toy for any specifications for cleaning and maintenance.

If you are buying a silicone toy, do not combine it with silicone-basedproducts. Do not use oil-based products (e.g. massage oil) or lotion-enriched (e.g. “moisturizing”) hand soaps on toys unless they are made of hard plastic, metal, or glass.

Protect vibrator cords and mechanical parts from water. Try not to bend the cord near the base. We recommend that you clean all toys before their first use, and after every subsequent use. Or, save cleanup time by using an unlubricated condom with your toy.

Always remove batteries from toys after use.

We recommend storing toys in a dry, dust-free environment. The Liberator Toy Bag is a great option to keep your toys together in a compact, sleek and discreet pouch, making it perfect for hiding in a drawer!

What’s the difference between lubricants?

There are 3 varieties of lubricant bases: Water, Silicone, and Oil. Not all of them are safe for all toys/condom use. When deciding between lubricant ingredients will be very important to know when incorporating into play. Every body is different and lubricant is a personal preference! Once you choose your base you can venture into fun textures, flavours, and added sensations.

Water-based: Compatible with all toys and condoms. Doesn’t stain your sheets! Most moisturizing option as the water absorbs into the skin. Our two most popular options are Sutil Luxury Lubricant and Wicked Sensitive Lubricant.

Hybrid: Mostly-Water based on a minimum percentage of silicone added. Has a similar feeling and longevity to silicone while still being toy-safe. Our two most popular options are Liquid Silk Lubricant and Sliquid Silk Lubricant.

Silicone: Not compatible with silicone toys, but safe with glass, stainless steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic. Safe for condoms. A very popular choice for intercourse only. Long-lasting and silky smooth. Our two most popular options are Uberlube and Toko Shunga Silicone Lubricant.

Oil: Not compatible with silicone toys or condoms, but safe with glass, stainless steel, and aluminum. A great choice for intercourse only. Can also be used as a massage oil. Long-lasting, hydrating and smooth. Our most popular choices are Woo Coconut Lubricant and Foria Coconut Lubricant


Difference between battery vs rechargeable toys?

Other than the obvious source of power options there are a few differences between battery and rechargeable toys! Battery-operated toys tend to be more cost-effective up front but have a shorter lifespan and you end up requiring to spend more on batteries. Battery toys are great for beginners as they are trying to find a toy that suits their needs. Battery toys are also characterized by usually having a higher frequency of vibration, making them great for those who find vibrating toys to be too intense. Some of our most popular battery-powered toys are the Rocks off Bullet Vibrator and the BSwish Deluxe Bunny.

Rechargeable toys are usually an initially higher cost but have a longer lifespan than a battery-powered toy and are more environmentally friendly.  Most rechargeable toys have stronger motors than battery-powered toys.All of our rechargeable toys use either a USB power cord or AC adapter for easy remote charging. Rechargeable toys offer a large variety of vibrations, speeds, and intensities so you can start low and play to highs. Some of our most popular regardable toys are the Womanizer Premium or the Lelo Ina Wave. 

How do I clean my lingerie?

To increase the longevity of your lingerie we strongly recommend only handwashing your delicates. We recommend Soak Lingerie Wash with lukewarm water to wash your intimate items. Please make sure to refer to your care instructions on the garment for any specifications regarding your specific item.


What’s the difference between External, Internal and Dual Stimulation toy?

The three terms, external, internal, and dual refer to different stimulation options for the vagina.

External refers to a toy that stays outside the vagina for clitoral stimulation, Internal refers to a toy you insert into the vagina and dual is both inserted and an external portion is stimulating the clitoris.


What’s electro-stim?

Electro-stimulation (or Electro-sex) is the inclusion of electrical currents during sex. Many think that Electro-stimulation is solely for those interested in heavy BDSM practices, but this simply is not the case! Our body is full of nerve endings that translate sensations to the brain, and adding E-Stim toys only heightens the stimulation of erogenous zones. E-stim is fabulous vaginally, as the electric currents cause the muscles to contract and tighten, helping to promote deep and powerful orgasms. Externally, E-Stim creates a tingly light sensation across the skin. We offer 2 types of toys - stand alone vibrators like the Tickling Truman.. Please be aware that you can not use E-Stim toys if you have any heart conditions(including the use of a pacemaker) or during pregnancy. Never use e-stim above the belt. Avoid the areas of the heart, neck, and brain at all costs! Do not use in conjunction with any flammable items/liquids. 


How will my items be delivered to me?

If you choose to have online purchases delivered to you, they will be mailed to you on the next business day. We ship all orders in plain wrapping, with Lull Giftware (our wholesale name) as the return address. If you require faster shipping, an expedited service is also available. For more information, see ourShipping page. At checkout, you can add any special requests for our shipping department, including the option to purchase a greeting card at checkout!


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