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Which Couples Toy is Right for Me?

Which Couples Toy is Right for Me?

By: Blogs by BlakeComments: 0

“I‘ve heard about couple’s toys. Do those really exist?” 

“I wanted to get a couple's toy, but which one is the best?” 

“Wow, there are so many types! How do I know which one to pick?”



These are some common questions we hear echoing through the shop daily, and the answers are far from simple. It can be so hard for us to answer “which toy is the best” when your pleasure is so personalized and unique! Instead, Honey’s aims to provide you with all of our own knowledge, which in turn allows you to make your own informed decision based on your body and preferences! So let’s delve into the similarities and differences between the type of toy that everyone is talking about! 


First things first, let’s talk about the MANY ways to use this toy. While it is often advertised as a “couples toy”, what does that actually entail? Well, it means that toy has an internal and an external arm; the internal arm inserts into the vaginal opening, while the external vibrator nestles against the clitoris. The snug fit enables the wearer to participate in penetrative intercourse while the toy stays in place! If the penetrating partner has a penis, they will be able to feel residual vibrations from any single motor toy. If it’s a dual motor toy, they will feel the internal vibrations directly along the shaft during intercourse. 


Alternatively, this toy can also be used for same-sex intercourse as well, and is a fantastic way to include vibrations into tribbing or grinding! It can also be incorporated into solo play and is a great way to integrate clitoral stimulation into any type of masturbation session. Many people have also found that using a couple’s toy during public play creates a powerful sensation of pleasure, both mentally and physically. The app capabilities of this toy allow you to control the device hands-free from your phone and use it from longer distances as well. 


The first toy we’ll use when comparing toy models is the Sync Lite. This version has the smallest internal arm, with no internal motor. This arm is also the most flexible of the four models. It also has the least amount of residual vibrations through the internal arm, meaning it has the lowest g-spot and/or shaft stimulation. 


The next model, the Sync Go, has a slightly larger internal arm due to being a dual-motor toy. While still maintaining a small shape, it adds g-spot stimulation into the mix! The smaller-scale build is great for those with a more limited amount of internal space, or for those who would find a large internal arm uncomfortable during penetration. 


Our third model, the Sync Chorus also has an internal motor but incorporates an adjustable hinge into the arm well. To help keep the toy situated, the adjustable hinge allows you to “click” the internal arm into place right behind the pubic bone. A common complaint for these toys is that they might move around too much or even slip out of the body during intercourse; the hinge allows the toy to “anchor” into the body and helps prevent movement during use. The internal arm also has quite a bit more girth to it compared to the Lite/Go models. The Chrous is app-enabled and also comes with a responsive remote that will affect the vibrations of the toy when you squeeze it!


The final model, the Sync O, is designed to be the most “wearable” and “secure” version of the models mentioned in this post. It’s a single-motor toy, so there is no internal motor. The internal arm is modeled after the menstrual disc, meaning it has a flared “O” shape that you pinch to insert into the vaginal opening, then release to allow the “O” to expand behind the pubic bone and secure itself in place. It also has an adjustable hinge to make sure that it fits all body shapes/sizes. The flared internal arm is still comfortable to wear during penetration, provided you are prepared and comfortable enough to accommodate that internal sensation. This toy also comes with a remote, so it is both remote and app-controlled. 


We hope that this helps guide you when purchasing a couple’s toy. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about the items we sell- and if we don’t know the answer we’ll do our best to find one for you! We have testers on the shelves at both of our locations so you can test the flexibility, see the sizes of the arms yourself, and make a fully informed decision that will have you walking out of Honey Gifts with confidence



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