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Embrace Yourself – Literally. The Benefits Of Masturbation And Steamy Suggestions For Sexual Self Discovery

Embrace Yourself – Literally. The Benefits Of Masturbation And Steamy Suggestions For Sexual Self Discovery

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In the midst of a pandemic it’s no wonder that our sex lives are either thriving or, in some cases less than ideal, have come to a screeching halt. But sex and relationships aren’t mutually exclusive. Social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to give up that spark — and by spark we mean orgasm. Some of the best sex you’ll ever have follows the six-feet rule, and better yet! Can be accomplished even whilst isolating solo. — Sex with yourself. 

Masturbation has traditionally been a taboo topic for a variety of reasons, but the act goes back far further than the taboo. In the 18th century, several medical papers were written on insanity as a result of masturbation, but a look back to ancient Egypt depicts masturbation in a drastically different light, believing that when performed by a god, the act of masturbation could be considered a creative or magical. Even tiny penis doodles pre-date your notebook, first appearing on the prehistoric alternative, rock. 

In the way of the Egyptians, we believe that masturbation is indeed a magical act! Exploring your body and embracing your sexuality is a form of self-care unparalleled by any other — Self love. Practicing self-love helps to understand what makes you say OH! and what’s an absolute no. It can lead to a better relationship with yourself and others, and an oh-so-sweet bonus, mind blowing orgasms! 

Here we explore a few benefits of masturbation and provide a few suggestions as to how you can get started.

Go on, go f*ck yourself!

#1 — You Feel Pleasure

An obvious number one. There’s a reason it’s called “pleasuring yourself”. It feels amazing. Exploring new sensations and experimenting with different toys and tactics can help to increase pleasure. Solo sessions with new toys are a great way to play comfortably, indulging in ways you might not when engaging with a partner.

Suggestion: Explore Bondage For Beginners! Experiment with Nipple Clamps or show your booty some love with a Small Pleasure Plug .

#2 — Stress Relief

Masturbation causes the release of dopamine and, simply put, dopamine puts you in a better mood. Stress relief is a particularly wonderful effect as lower stress levels can lead to improved self esteem and a higher quality of day to day life. The Beatles said it first, (self)love makes the world go ‘round! 

Suggestion: Sexy Lingerie! Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean feeling good, but it sure helps. A pair of Thigh High Stockings or a sultry Bodysuit is a fierce pick me up and makes for a show stopping number in the bedroom.

#3 — A Good Night’s Sleep

Dopamine isn’t the only beneficial hormone produced by masturbation. Prolactin and oxytocin are also released into your system, acting as our preferred alternative to the traditional method of counting sheep.

Suggestion: The Original Magic Wand. A guaranteed knock-out! 

#4 — No Worries

Hakuna Matata, am I right? One of the best parts of having sex with yourself is that there is absolutely no risk of contracting STD’s or unwanted pregnancy. A zero percent chance.

Suggestion: Explore our Sex Essentials. Set the mood with an Eau De Perfum, break out the Arousal Oil, and get busy!

#5 — Improved Sexual Relationship With Yourself

It’s a picturesque Sunday morning. You grasp your new vibrator, uncertain at first but WOW! Seven speeds provide all new sensation! A flick of the wrist and you’ve discovered something new. Perhaps you go left, left, right. Or maybe right, right, left? Regardless, it happened and it felt great. 

Suggestion: The We-Vibe Nova. A vibrator unlike any other! Suitable for all experience levels, this vibrator connects to your phone to allow for a hands-free experience. 

#6 — Improved Sexual Relationship With Others!

Hooray! You’ve found your clitoris. This is a secret that’s meant to be shared! Let your partner in on what you know. Opening up about what makes you feel good can lead to a better relationship inside of the bedroom and out.

Suggestion: The We-Vibe Nova. Oh the versatility! This bluetooth-featured toy not only allows you to go hands free, but offers the opportunity to connect with your partner and let them take control. For other Bluetooth and Hands Free Toys, check out our Remote Controlled Toys Section. 


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